How to Host a Job in GTA 5 Online?

We all know that, jobs play an important role in GTA, especially in GTA online. If you’re wondering how to host a job in GTA V Online? then keep on reading this post.

The process is quite hectic. You might be wondering what jobs you can do in Grand Theft Auto V.

There are a lot of jobs that you can get in Grand Theft Auto V, for example, you can drive a taxi, invest in a property, become a firefighter, help out the police, or become a medic. 

Even though there are a lot of jobs in GTA Online the real question is how to host a job in GTA V online. Here’s how you can do it:

The short process to host a job in GTA V Online is to:

  • First of all, bring up the pause menu
  • After that, head towards the Online tab
  • From there, select Job, and then click on Host.
  • After that choose Rockstar created and then click missions.

That was a quick process, if you don’t understand then we have also prepared a detailed guide. Let’s take a look at it.

How to Host a Job in GTA V Online?

Here’s the detailed process to hosting a job in GTA V Online:

  • Open the GTA Pause Menu

GTA V Settings, Map, Pause Menu - YouTube

  • Go to the Online area (available from the tab)

how to host a job in gta v

  • Choose Jobs
  • Now you have the option of choosing Rockstar Created or Rockstar Verified.
  • You’ll find a variety of professions to pick from within these alternatives.
  • Look for a job that suits your qualifications. It can be any job that you want.
  • Once you’ve decided on a task to host, save it to your bookmarks. On the PS4, press the Square button, and on the Xbox Controller, hit the X button to do so.
  • Return to the Jobs menu after bookmarking the job you want to host.
  • Select Bookmarked from the Positions menu, and you’ll get a list of all the jobs you’ve bookmarked.
  • You’ll see a selection of work categories (kind of like a genre), and by picking one, you’ll be taken to that exact type of job.
  • Select the task you’d like to host by clicking on it. An alert will be sent to you confirming the job.
  • As soon as you select this, you will be given the choice to begin the task.
  • You are the only one who has access to the lobby before the task starts. This allows you to fine-tune the settings.
  • In addition, you are free to invite whomever you choose. You can also make phone calls to your friends.

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Video Guide for Hosting a Job in GTA V:

This guide can be quite difficult to follow, that’s why you can also use this video guide:

How to Start a Playlist in GTA V?

Another alternative to hosting jobs in GTA V is to start a playlist. Here’s how to start a Playlist in GTA V:

  • The Playlist option is found in the GTA Main Menu’s Online menu.
  • When creating a playlist, you’ll have the option of including jobs as well as Bookmarked Jobs.
  • After you’ve added your favourite or bookmarked jobs. After you’ve created the playlist, save it.
  • Now choose a job from the playlist and begin working on it. It’ll be similar to what we’ve seen with Bookmarked jobs.

How Can You Host a Job Rather than Looking for One?

For that purpose:

  • If you go to Pause Menu
  • Then click on Online after that proceed to click on Jobs.
  • From Jobs, select Play Job, after that select Rockstar created and then On PC.
  • Now, you will almost certainly host whatever job you want to play. Except for double money, all modes are dead.

How can I create online missions in GTA 5?

Most of the times we get this question, how can I create online missions in GTA 5, so that I may play with only my friends? Is it possible to do this in a death match?

I’m not sure if it works the same way on PC, but we assume it does on the PS3 and PS4 versions, same as the Xbox.

You have a few extra options if you want to start in story mode instead of heading straight into GTA online when you first start.

So, once you’ve logged into GTAV as Frank, Trevor, or Michael, open up your phone and scroll through the various options until you find play GTA online (I forget the exact wording).

You should also see GTA online options, which may be under the GTA online tab (click the button to reveal), where you can customize your GTA online experience.

  1. Friends only.
  2. Crew only.
  3. Solo.
  4. General.
  5. Invite.

What is the procedure for hosting a job?

Set matchmaking to closed in the pause menu > online > options > section, and you’ll be able to host it every time.

Is it possible to begin contact missions as a host?

Begin your contact missions in an invite-only session. It won’t look for a host this way.

How can I get fired from a hosting job?

You are not being kicked from a job you are hosting; the problem is with your connection; if you lose connection to anyone in the lobby, you will be kicked.

The pleasures of peer-to-peer connectivity. This is a problem I’m having as well, thanks to good old Irish internet.


I believe these are the main alternatives available to you; however, you may always form a friends-only group and invite your friends to join!

I hope that, although being a little ambiguous, it was helpful and that you were able to figure out how to accomplish it quickly.

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