How to use Voice lines in Overwatch? [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Don’t know how to use voice lines in Overwatch? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered in this detailed tutorial.

It’s alright if you don’t have a microphone, or simply if you don’t want to use one then the wheel comes in handy. It allows you to communicate with other players by using voice lines.

Blizzard Entertainment has recently added an Overwatch PTR patch equipped with additional voice choices for Overwatch’s Communication wheel. With this update, users can refrain from using the same repeating words. With the new update, you will get 26 new voice line alternatives for all of the Overwatch characters.

All you have to do is to choose from them, and this is where the question is how to use voice lines in Overwatch? pops up in our minds.

In order to use the newly updated voice lines in Overwatch, all you have to do is to change out the present lines on your communication wheel. And change them with the ones that you think are of greater use.

Overwatch: New Voice Commands:

Let’s have a detailed insight into the new voice commands in Overwatch.

“Press the Attack!,” “Fall Back,” the “3—2—1” countdown, and “On My Way” are among the incoming voice commands, which sound especially useful if you’re a healer returning to the game while teammates are hammering you with “I Need Healing.”

And, and probably most crucially, the “Sorry” voice command will be available. It’s been a popular request for a long time, and it will allow you to apologize when you make a mistake and want to stay in everyone’s good graces.

how to use voice lines in overwatch

When players don’t have voice chat enabled, Overwatch’s communication wheel is a good substitute, but Blizzard is making it more robust by allowing users to customize the wheel with a selection of new voice lines.

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Previously, players could express things like “My ultimate is ready,” “Group up,” and “Understood” using that wheel. The possibilities were extremely limited.

Additional vocal commands have been added to the wheel, including the ability to say things like “Fall back,” “Goodbye,” and the oft-requested “Sorry,” according to game director Jeff Kaplan in a new development update video.

Voice commands such as the “3-2-1” countdown and “Press the objective” are also accessible, according to Kaplan. Genji, that’s a lot better than hearing “I need healing” eight times in a row.

All 32 Overwatch characters now have new speech lines, a total of 26 possibilities, that can be inserted into the communication wheel, which was changed as part of a patch issued on the game’s public test servers on Thursday, according to Kaplan.

Patch notes in the game client, as well as various enhancements to the workshop and custom games, are among the other changes coming to Overwatch. On Blizzard’s Overwatch forum, you can read the complete patch notes that are currently available on the PTR.

Overwatch is a game that can be played on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

How Do You Express Gratitude in Overwatch?

When players aim the “Hello,” “Need Healing,” “Group Up,” “Ultimate Status,” “Voice Line,” “Acknowledge,” and “Thanks” symbols above another player’s head with “Acknowledge,” the chat will indicate acknowledgment toward that player as if pointing straight to the player.

How to use Voice Lines in Overwatch?

On the console, you can only attach one or two speech lines to the d-pad. The remaining buttons are all crucial.

In the controls, you can map your keyboard to use your voice line with a key. Make sure you’re not linking to a key that’s already associated with something important in the game.

In Overwatch, how do you say hello?

You can do this by pressing C on your keyboard or pressing down on the d-pad. Then you select one of the choices, and you’ll be greeting folks, announcing your Ultimate, and striking a stance in no time.

In Overwatch, how do you quickly chat?

Players can use the ‘C’ button to bring up the communication wheel, from which they can select one of eight options.

In Overwatch, what does EZ stand for?

It essentially means ‘easy victory.’

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